Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fast Pass changes coming?

Sounds like March 7, 2012 may be the day one of my most used fast pass strategies come to an end.
Our good friends at Touringplans are reporting that cast members at Walt Disney World Resort have been informed that beginning March 7, 2012, return times on Fastpasses will be enforced for all guests. Whereas in the pasts, guests could get a Fastpass for a scheduled return time and then save it for later in the day (so long as it was used the same day), guests using a Fastpass will reportedly be given only a small window in which to use the pass. Guests will be allowed to present the Fastpass 5 minutes prior to or up to 15 minutes after, the return time printed on the ticket. Guests presenting Fastpasses after this time will be denied admittance.

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