Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Castle Lighting

Can't wait to see this in person next month on our first 2011 trip (of many, we're APing this year).  Go to the link over on disneyparks to watch the amazing video:

When we announced, as a part of the Let The Memories Begin Campaign, that we would be projecting photographs and videos of our guests every night on Cinderella Castle in Florida and it’s a small world in California, many of my friends and colleagues responded with “Huh?” So I thought I would give you a clearer picture of what is going to be an amazing musical and visual spectacle this year.
Using high-power projection systems and digital mapping techniques that I don’t even begin to understand, the surfaces of these two beloved icons will be transformed through animation, photography and technical ingenuity. Using our guests’ photographs and videos as a starting point, and a WONDERFUL musical score as our guide,Let The Memories Begin will be a fanciful, imaginative, heart-warming and FUN look at the magical memories associated with a visit to Disney Parks. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disney Dream

Watch the christening of the Disney Dream live this morning over at

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some more details on Israel

So Disney, the company, sez no...but Shamrock Holdings involved somehow?  Sounds like a mystery still...
Shamrock Holdings, founded by Disney family maverick Roy E. Disney as his family investment firm and still maintaining intimate ties with the Walt Disney Company, is a partner in the Haifa project. The other party Shamrock is working with is New Lineo Cinemas Israel. New Lineo operates two large multiplex/shopping mall complexes in suburban Tel Aviv.

A spokesperson for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts tells Fast Company that Disney has no plans to build a park in Haifa, Israel. However, local politicians, New Lineo and the Israeli press all confirm that the project is going ahead.

Disney in Israel

This seem to be all over the net today...true?

The Holy Land is set to become an even more magical place. Disney has announced that it is to open a theme park in Israel.
The Walt Disney Company, which has amusement parks in the US, France and Hong Kong, is planning to open another in Haifa in 2013.
The park, which will cover 20 acres of land near the Carmel Tunnel, will be home to a 25-screen cinema complex, shops and other entertainment facilities.
The project is expected to cost more than £107 million.