Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Priscillano Romanillos dies at 47

Way to young...Pres Romanillos was one of the Florida animators when the Studio was really a studio:

"I first met Pres during production on 'The Little Mermaid,' when he was an animation trainee, straight out of art school," said Disney supervising animator Ruben Aquino. "From the very beginning, I was impressed by his beautiful draftsmanship, but even more by his incredible passion for animation."
At Disney's Florida studio, Romanillos created his most memorable character, Shan-Yu, the brutal leader of the Hun army. Richard Corliss wrote in Time magazine: "The villain, a crazed, WWF-style hulkster named Shan-Yu, has no comic irony softening his brute trapezoidal lines. He's just an evil machine with vampire teeth. The Wall, the vast plains and hills, the Forbidden City itself, all cringe at his shadow."

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